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Real Estate Development Services


Our approach

At The Urban Company, our business model is services-based. We provide professional, affordable development services to individuals, community-based organizations, and municipal entities to develop land and real estate assets. We provide services in the key areas of site feasibility, site acquisition, site entitlement and permitting, commercial brokerage services, and development project management.


6006-6014 S Western Avenue 

Los Angeles CA 90047

Designed using the City of Los Angeles' Emergency Shelter ordinance, this facility is permitted for use as a homeless shelter accommodating up to 45 individuals. On any given day or night, over 60,000 individuals in the County of Los Angeles go without a roof over their heads or a bed in which to sleep. The Urban Company in partnership with Blue Nile Properties is collaborating to provide housing solutions using the existing underutilized and functionally obsolete mixed-use retail and light industrial building stock that exists in much of South and Southeast Los Angeles.


By efficiently converting these buildings, using the transitional housing occupancy guidelines provided by the City, we are able to create comfortable, safe, and sanitary housing for large numbers of Angelinos in need in record time and at a cost much lower than existing government housing efforts.


Our Services

Our market focus is on underserved urban communities that are experiencing high levels of redevelopment and gentrification. Our client base consists of small property owners, mom and pop investors, local developers, community-based non-profits, faith-based organizations, and locally-based municipal agencies. Under normal circumstances, a small community-based developer or property owner would first need to acquire the property using a broker, identify a contractor, employ the services of an expediter for entitlements and permitting, hire an architect, and all other needed trades, manage the actual development and construction process and identify a suitable tenant(s) or buyer to complete their occupancy or exit process.


Our goal is to provide a simplified, one-stop service that will provide all of those aspects of the development process under one roof and be covered by a single professional development services fee included in the overall project budget. 

Commercial Brokerage services

A community-based boutique brokerage, our specialty is affordable housing acquisition and development

Site Development Services

Providing exceptional development services for investors, partners and real estate users


We're an expert at managing property transactions and construction initiatives

South Los Angeles, as a community, is ideally located just south of downtown Los Angeles, at the center of the city with convenient access to all transportation routes, the westside, the beaches, the South Bay and Hollywood. With an affordable supply of early 20th-century housing stock and commercial strips filled with affordable, obsolete retail and light industrial properties, it is primed for redevelopment.

For many years it provided the investment zone of choice for investors getting a start in house-flipping or small in-fill multi-family development. Unfortunately, these opportunities have not been fully utilized by those that reside in the community, for a variety of reasons including lack of financing and resident development expertise.

Our ComMunity

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