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At The Urban Company, our business model is services-based. We provide professional, affordable development services to individuals, community-based organizations, and municipal entities to develop land and real estate assets. We provide services in the key areas of site feasibility, site acquisition, site entitlement and permitting, commercial brokerage services, and development project management. Our fee-based services are individually tailored to each client's needs and are designed to provide the necessary services to take a client from concept thru to the occupancy and operation of their planned project. Whether an individual property owner/investor, large community church, non-profit, or public agency, all of our clients are guided through the development process with one source of information and the services needed to realize their project vision. 

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The mission of The Urban Company is to aid in the economic development of underserved urban communities by facilitating the growth and development of local businesses through real estate acquisition and business development assistance provided in an all-inclusive service package.

Our philosophy is centered on the idea of community development based on ownership. We believe businesses that own their facilities are best positioned for growth and expansion. Strong, growing businesses contribute to the growth of strong, resilient communities. 

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